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Welcome to Sunday to Sunday
August 15, 2018 SundayU
We've changed our name from That Church Podcast to... Sunday to Sunday. Listen to this brief introduction from Justin Dean, as he shares our big plans for the Sunday to Sunday Podcast!

Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01Learn how to grow your church and engaged your community from Sunday to Sunday. This is the Sunday to Sunday podcast.

Speaker 2:0:11Well, welcome to the Sunday to Sunday podcast. My name is Justin Dean. I'm one of the cofounders of Sunday U Dot Com and that church conference, an annual conference we do every year here in Atlanta for church communicators and marketers and a. If you've been following us for awhile. This gets used to be called that church podcast, but we are making some big changes. Changed the name to Sunday to Sunday and I want to tell you why. Here's the deal. We believe that Sunday worship services are still one of the best evangelical tools available and we're passionate about helping you grow your church and make your Sunday services better. Nothing wrong with Sunday services. We can worship services. We think they're not going away. They shouldn't go away. Definitely one of the best evangelical tools out there. However, we believe real discipleship community relationships, that's all built Sunday to Sunday. Real church is more about connecting with each other, serving each other, helping each other grow in Christ through out the week, outside the weekly worship service.

Speaker 2:1:24To be clear, it's not one or the other. It's both. There is just too much opportunity throughout the week with a digital technology these days. We can stay connected, we can build each other up throughout the week. We are not limited to one hour a week or even a couple of hours with community groups and events and things like that. We're not limited to just worship services at a church building. We can connect through social media, through email, through our websites, through apps, through so many means. And, uh, the churches that we've seen are just not taking full advantage of that. So we want to help connect you with people who are having these discussions, people who are excelling in these areas and, uh, exploring new ways to connect with people throughout the week to grow your church and to engage your community. So that's what this podcast is going to be all about.

Speaker 2:2:28We're going to do some training, we're going to do some interviews with people, we're going to mix it up a from episode to episode, and uh, it's gonna keep you on your feet, it's going to challenge you and it's going to push you to make your churches better, to help our churches grow in ways that you've never seen before. And I'm so excited for you to take this journey with us. We're going to definitely connect you with different experts, but we're also just in this journey with you as well and we're all here to explore ways that we can be better at communications and marketing and just grow in our churches in general. So thanks for joining us and I'm so excited for what we have to come and stay in tune. Subscribe to our podcast. So you get the alerts when we have new episodes and we're going to do them pretty frequently. Sometimes we'll put out a bunch all at once. Sometimes we'll spread them out. It just really depends on the content that we have a. So stay tuned, make sure you subscribe, tell your friends, and let's explore how to grow our church and engage our community from Sunday to Sunday. Thanks for listening. We'll be back soon.

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